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Saturday, April 4, 2009

VemmaBuilder Scam Or Not A Scam? Vemma Vitamin Drink Scam...

Watch for the suckers...Vemma Scam Review here... The new hot MLM Vemma Builder is definitely something you need to BEWARE of getting scammed into. Guys, please take heed and watch your wallet with this one!

First off, try going to their actual website and get info: the whole thing is just an email submit for if you want to make money with the Vemma Builder. Sounds like a scam to me! It looks like all they want to promote on their own site is just how you can make money from home with no selling and such. But what about the greatness of the product? Makes me think the VemmaBuilder is a scam! Or maybe the Vemma Energy drink is a scam? I dunno, but it the product is so great, then why is it easier to find people looking to grab more MLM downline than it is to find the actual product? You see what I'm getting at? Looks like a bunch of scammers who would scam anything, but Vemma is just the literal flavor of the month!

Of course, what I write here is just my opinion, and you should not take this as official company info; I am just a blogger who doesn't want others to get scammed with more MLM crap!

Here is what I could find out after searching a long time about the Vemma Vitamin Drinks:

Every delicious two-ounce shot of Vemma contains:

12 full-spectrum vitamins in liquid suspension for superior absorbability

65 major, trace and ultra-trace ionic, life-giving, plant-sourced minerals

A powerful antioxidant base of wildcrafted whole fruit mangosteen and pericarp

Organic, glyconutrient-rich aloe vera

Decaffeinated, phytonutrient-rich organic green tea

If your hectic lifestyle is keeping you from getting the recommended daily nutrients, Vemma is your added "wellness insurance" for filling in your diet's nutritional gaps.

But seriously, have looked at this stuff? It looks like someone drained a zit into a bottle and mixed it with vomit! NASTY. It's a nast Vemma Scam! LOL

Guys, bottom line here is this product appears to be just another "get healthy with this drink" kinda thing and since it is marketed network-marketing style, the lead generating and downline gathering seems to very much overshadow the product itself.
Therein is what makes VemmaBuilder and Vemma Vitamin Drink a scam!

Your comments are welcome, but you will still be wrong if you think you can make money with this scam! This has been an independent opinion about Vemma Builder and VemmaBuilder Scam.